Re: National characters...again

Matthew J Gering (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 13:03:44 +0100

I'm not sure the distinction between Latin 1 and Latin 2, so forgive me
if I misunderstand.

Any character you write is saved as a hexadecimal number 00-FF that that
character represents in the font you are using in your editor. As far as
I know, there is no way to specify in HTML what character set standard you
are using in order to have users' browsers select the appropriate font. What
will show is the characters corresponding to each number from the
character set the browser is using, regardless of what you intended them to

Win1252 and koi8 are two examples of extremely differing fonts, both used
on the WWW (1252 is latin & cyrillic, koi8 is just cyrillic). I assume
Latin 1 and 2 differ only on the extended characters. Are both standard on
the WWW? Which Windows TTF's, if any, correspond directly to each of
these sets?

-- Matt

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Grzesiek Staniak wrote:

> This probably is a FAQ, but could anybody tell me/direct me to some
> info on how to include Latin 2 set characters in HTML documents? I know
> I can use references to characters from the Latin 1 set (most European
> letters), but they're not what I need. Can this be done at all? And if
> the answer is yes, what do I need to produce documents including Latin
> 2 characters, and what do people need to be able to read them?
> Sorry to bother you again and thanks in advance,
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