A quick HTML form question

John Bruggeman (BRUGGEMJ@admin.xu.edu)
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 00:16:21 +0100

I hope this isn't too basic a question to ask or the wrong forum but -
How does one create a form in html that will post an email message
to either a listserv or a person. I have read the docs I could find
on html forms but they show how to create a form to call a script but
not how to write the script for a platform other than unix... What
am I missing. All I want to do is write a form to capture some basic
bio info and have the form email me the results... I hope I don't have
to write a perl script to do that..

Pointers-tips-ideas-other lists to ask- are all welcome..

Thanks in advance!

John Bruggeman Xavier University
Help Desk Tech. Cincinnati, OH USA 45207