Re: A Modest Proposal
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 21:11:12 +0100

Why not write equations just like in a program with an <EQU> tag:
<EQU> (W+X)/(Z*Y) </EQU>
to render the equation in whatever manner best suites the hardware. If the
parsing rules are correct, then the equation should be displayable and valid
even on a text screen. For some signs (roots, integrals, etc.) which perform
operations on sections of an equation, you could use an operator (say &sqrt or
&ROOTn where n is the root number) followed by a value or an expression
enclosed in parenthesis. For graphic viewers, the thing could be parsed and
the equation display built on the fly. For text viewers, the the operator
could simply be displayed as a corresponding character or as a highlighted
version of the operator's tag. In any case, the equation would be valid and
readable, straight forward, and not emplimentation dependant in any way.
Just $0.02.