Unicode Web Page Now Available!

Glenn Adams (glenn@stonehand.com)
Tue, 20 Dec 94 20:31:51 -0500

The Unicode Worldwide Web home page is now available for
general use. Although its construction is ongoing, it now
contains a variety of useful data on the Unicode Standard
and the Unicode Consortium.

You may access it at the following URL:


The above URL is currently redirected to


where the physical Unicode Web database presently resides. You should
use the first of the above URLs since the physical location of this
database may change over time. However, if for some reason the
former cannot be accessed, you may also try the latter.

If you would like to contribute information to the Unicode home
page, or if you have any comments on it, please send mail to

The HTML data which comprises the Unicode Web database has been
fully validated against the HTML 2.0 DTD. In only one case have
non-standard extensions been used: that is with the two images of
the cover of the Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volumes 1 and 2
which appear on the "About The Unicode Standard" page. In this
case, the proposed attributes BORDER, WIDTH, and HEIGHT have
been used in order to make use of capabilities provided by the
Netscape Navigator(tm) of Mosaic Communications Corporation.

For those who aren't aware of it, The Unicode Consortium is primarily
a volunteer organization. The effort to create this Web database
has been made on that basis. As a result, not every piece of useful
information about Unicode is currently present in this database.
However, I do anticipate that additions will be made gradually as
I find more time (and as others step forward to contribute). In order
to help you find new information, a "What's New?" topic is available
on the home page which will point you to recently changed or new

I hope you find this information useful, and I'd like to thank all
of the individuals who contributed their time to review it during
its preliminary stages of construction.

Happy Holidays!

Glenn Adams
Technical Director, Unicode Consortium