Re: Text offset around images

Jack Armstrong (
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 07:49:05 -0800

On Dec 17, 7:15am, Richard L. Goerwitz wrote:
> I always start with NCSA Mosaic. If it looks terrible somewhere
> else, I may modify it. But I figure that it has to 1) work with
> Mosaic, and 2) make it through the HaLsoft HTML validation service's
> parser. It doesn't make sense to standardize on an idiosyncratic
> commercial product whose source code we cannot even look at, still
> less modify. Netscape is great to use, but not as the basis for
> designing HTML pages.
> -Richard L. Goerwitz goer%midway@uchicago.bitnet
>-- End of excerpt from Richard L. Goerwitz

I don't normally like 'me too' comments on a list like this, but I feel I
have to do so here. I strongly agree with Richard's comments on any
move to a proprietary commercial standard for something like HTML. Some
of the features of Netscape are commendable, and I occasionally use it,
but will resist any HTML that is not usable with the widest possible range
of HTML client/viewers. When new HTML specs are approved on the net and new
clients are widely available (public domain *or* commercial, I don't mind
paying for better client software) I will be happy to make use of these new
features. Not until.

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