Paul Grosso (
Fri, 16 Dec 94 15:56:45 GMT

> From: (Michael Johnson)
> The HTML 3.0 DTD for FORM reads:
> <!ELEMENT FORM - - %body.content -(FORM) +(INPUT|SELECT|TEXTAREA)>
> If I understand this right, this means that INPUT, SELECT and TEXTAREA would
> be allowed *anywhere* inside a FORM, which would seem to be undesirable to me.

If you want finer control, you can still leave them as inclusions
on FORM, but then make them exclusions on any elements in %body.content
(or any descendants of any elements in %body.content) where you don't
want them. For example, you could exclude them from TABLE.

Note that exclusions take precedence over inclusions. So once you've
excluded them, an inclusion nested within has no effect. For example,
once you've excluded them from TABLE, that would mean you could no
longer have them in a FORM within a TABLE.

The other option is not to include them on FORM, but to try to place
them in a more complex content model within FORM, but I'm sure Dave
has thought of this, and for whatever document analysis related reason
(I don't pretend to know much about the HTML 3.0 document needs analysis),
he has opted not to do this.


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