HTML Validation [was: Processing instructions for style tweaks?]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 11:10:45 -0600

In message <>, Dave Foulser writes:
>I agree that servers should serve valid HTML, but disagree that they
>should contain validation code. You only need to validate a piece of
>HTML once, whereas you typically serve it many more times.


> Thus I'd
>suggest a three-pronged approach:
>1. validation tool for hand-written HTML

As an example, please see:

I use this in combination with CVS to maintain my web space: I
have a development copy of my documents, and when I think they're
ready for release, I do:

% cvs commit

the cvs commitinfo config file fires up html-check on *.html, and
if any of them aren't valid, the commit bombs out. I fix the
errors, and try again.

Works good. Give it a try!