Re: Lines in Tables

Dave Raggett (
Tue, 13 Dec 94 14:31:23 GMT

Tony writes:

> One thing I've jyst realised I would like to see in HTML 3.0 is more
> control over the lines drawn around tables. At present all you can do
> is say whether you have lines or not. It would be nice to be able to
> specify border lines, row lines, column lines etc separately.

> I'm not quite sure how this could be specified, but some kind of
> line attributes on the <tr>, <th>, and <td> elements might work.
> Then again, maybe this kind of thing should be left to style sheets.

I thought about some ways of adding attributes for lines, but decided
that we should defer this until we have tried using stylesheets first.
The STYLE attributes on TR, TD and TH could be used by style sheets
to alter style on a per row or per cell basis. Note that this attribute
is merely used to name a subclass of rows or cells etc. and doesn't by
itself define the style, that is defined by rules in the style sheet.

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