tag embedability pointer?

David Sallach (david_sallach@il.us.swissbank.com)
Fri, 9 Dec 94 11:56:06 -0600

- There are certain markup idioms, like:
- <dl>
- <dt><h3> used H3 to get the font I like</h3>
- <dd> some text
- </dl>
- that the current HTML DTD doens't allow. The DTD for HTML

- _could_ be constructed to allow such idioms, but I don't think

- that would be a good idea, and most of the folks in the working

- group agree with me.

- You might say "but that markup works fine on all the browsers

- I've seen." My answer is that this is a happy coincidence, but

- no browser should be _required_ to support that sort of

- thing -- and you shouldn't _expect_ it to work with tools

- that may be developed in the future.

As a relatively new member of the list, I would appreciate a pointer
to a succinct summary of which tags can be embbeded with which other
tags. I would like to conform to HTML standards, but have not seen a
clear statement of embedding precedence, if that's a concept.