Re: Lines in Tables

Tony Jebson (
Fri, 9 Dec 94 15:25:52 GMT

Michael Johnson writes:
> How about adding a RULES attribute to the TABLE element:
> rules (none|horiz|vert|both) #IMPLIED -- both if borders on, otherwise none
> This should give sufficient control over rules. It might be desirable to
> extend the BORDERS attribute:
> borders (none|horiz|vert|both) none

I think this meets most of what I would like.

If the RULES attribute is added to the TR element, then it could override
the default RULES setting of the table for a particular row (which achieves
most of the rest).

I'm not sure how the same effect can be elegantly achieved for columns,
but it could be done by adding a BORDERS attribute to TD and TH:

borders (none|horiz|vert|vleft|vright|htop|hbottom|all) none

but that is pretty horrible! It also wouldn't cope with ruling like:

xxx | aaaa
yyy | bbbb

The only advantage(?) of such a scheme is that it effectively allows custom
ruling in a table.

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