Re: Style Sheets

Tony Jebson (
Sat, 3 Dec 94 10:56:59 GMT

Lee ( wrote:
> If you're encoding variant readings in Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, you should
> probably consider using the TEI guidelines and SGML, and possibly contact
> David Megginson (who did his thesis in a related area, I think, under Toni
> Healey at the Dict. of Old English in Toronto).

I already know of the TEI SGML guidelines. In fact, the e-text is encoded
using one of the many TEI DTDs.

> I don't think it reasonable to ask that HTML support this -- although if it
> should happen to do so, that's neat.

I agree -- what I was suggesting was that a style sheet mechanism allowed
HTML to support what I am trying to do by rendering an entity such as
&e--; in different ways depending on the selected style sheet.

> By the way, Arena gave me lots of
> Failed to load image data: /icons/lows2char.xbm
> errors &the text wasn't readable (even with my very limited knowledge
> of Old English :-))

Oops, this is what comes of copying things from my internal company
WWW server... this *should* work now!

--- Tony Jebson (who obviously had a bad day yesterday!).