HTML3 tables

Michael Johnson (
Fri, 02 Dec 94 08:04:54 EST

I withdraw my objection to VALIGN, seeing as how I implemented it in a couple
of hours yesterday. I would like to see the DTD augmented with some
implementation notes, however. It's easy enough to realize that you need to
keep track of the maximum height of a row during the first formatting pass,
what is not so obvious is that there is a trick you can use to avoid having to
do a second formatting pass. The trick is to keep track of which visual
elements are formatted in each cell, and then go back and "fix" their vertical
position based on VALIGN after the entire row is formatted. Some words to
that effect, as well as reiterating the need for a pre-pass on tables, would
be helpful.


Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.