Re: More HTML3 DTD

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 1 Dec 94 18:40:25 GMT

Michael Johnson thinks its difficult to implement VALIGN in table cells:

> It would be easy *IF* you assumed that the maximum of any HEIGHT attributes
> in a row was in fact the maximum height for the row, which may not be a
> valid assumption. If on the other hand you assume that any cell could be
> taller than the maximum HEIGHT attribute specified in the row, ...

There are no HEIGHT attributes defined in the draft HTML 3.0 dtd for rows
or cells for that matter. The browser makes a prepass to allocate suitable
columns widths (unless these are predefined by a colspec). It then formats
each cell, one at a time. The vertical offset for each cell is worked out
trivially at display time, as by then the row height is known (you don't know
it until you have formatted all cells in a row). This is another example of
how in computing you should put until tomorrow what you can't do today!

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