Re: HTML 3.0 and ENTITY declarations

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 1 Dec 94 11:43:24 GMT

> The emacs browser allows an HTML document to define its own
> additional entities, is this legal in an HTML 3.0 document? If so how
> would I define such a thing and still have a conformant SGML document?

Including entity definitions in the document declaration subset is
definitely ok as far as SGML goes. The question is to what extent we
*require* conformant 3.0 browser to support extensions to the DTD in this
way. For instance, should browsers be able to cope with marked sections?
What about <!ELEMENT> and <!ATTLIST>?

Personally, I feel we should require entity definitions, and would like
support for marked sections too, but feel that is far enough.

In the not very distant future, browsers will be expected to cope with fairly
arbitrary document type definitions, so we need to be flexible here.

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