Pre-formated text usage in a select scroll list
Mon, 07 Nov 94 23:43:57 +0000

I am using NCSA Mosaic version 2.4 under DEC Ultrix.

I am attempting to create a selection box which has formated columns.
For example,
<SELECT NAME="row_select" SIZE=5><P>
<OPTION> Col1 Col2 Col3
<OPTION> Column1a Column2a Column3a

When this is passed into the select, my client strips out all but
one of the the white space, leaving the scroll unformated.
I have tried combinations of the following, but none have worked:
<PRE> <OPTION> Col1 Col2 Col3 </PRE>
<OPTION><PRE> Col1 Col2 Col3 </PRE>
I have also put the PRE before/after the <SELECT>.

Am I missing something? Is the use of pre formated text
in a list box not supported?

Thanks for any help

Alan Myers