Some HTML 3.0 suggestions

Michael Johnson (
Thu, 27 Oct 94 17:57:22 EDT

I'm working on an X Window System widget to do HTML+ and I have encountered
a few idiosyncracies that I'd like to comment on and see if anyone else
agrees with my thinking:

* Headings should allow <A> - in fact <A> should be allowed anywhere emphasis
is allowed, IMHO.

* Would be nice if <NOTE> was allowed inside <LI> and <DD>. Perhaps <NOTE>
should be classified as a PARA rather than a BLOCK? That would mean you
couldn't use <P> inside <NOTE>, but then that would be consistent with
<FOOTNOTE> and <MARGIN> so perhaps that is better.

* All PARAS ought to be allowed inside <LI> and <DD> (no reason not to, and
it's handy to be able to, for example, put a <PRE> inside a list item).

* What is the "correct" way to respond to tags being used in illegal places?
Ignore the tags *and their contents* or just ignore the tags? My personal
choice is the former, but I can see how the latter might be considered better
by some.

Just a few thoughts.

Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.