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Thu, 27 Oct 1994 10:33:03 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994 wrote:

> Reading the discussion here, another thought just occured to me: You guys
> are all really good HTML "coders". Showing our products at trade shows, I
> have talked to alot of people who want to create HTML without being
> "coders". This means that our products are going to allow people to create
> HTML without typing a single <h1>. This also means that naive users are
> going to think that whatever they can do to make their document look right
> on the screen is fine. WYSIWYG. I've seen some discussion here about what
> people should and shouldn't do with various types of formatting, but lets
> just assume for a moment that people creating these documents are not going
> to realize the difference.

So, you intend to make HTML the COBOL of mark-up languages, eh?

For people who don't want to learn the markups, give them a nice
front-end, some snazzy buttons and (of course) make it Windoze
compatible. Pretty soon, you'll have executives, secretarys, and anyone
else who wants to claim they're on the "Information Superhighway."
cluttering up the bandwidth with their witless prattle and annoying tripe.

Suddenly we have people wanting to do things before knowing what they are
</cite>"You were so busy trying to figure out if you could do something,
you never stopped to think if you should"</cite>

-- paraphrased from Jurassic Park.

Some things should be left to professionals and those willing to expend a
little effort to actually learn what the hell they are doing.

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