Re: Netscape & New HTML

Bjoern Stabell (
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 22:30:57 +0100 (MET)


Looking at Mosaic Comm.'s "Netscape Handbook" HTML-pages, it
seems they have completely abandoned logical structure in favour
of their presentation-oriented tags, e.g., they don't really use
<H1-6> anymore, they just change the font size - i.e., their
changes are not just additions, they can function as direct
replacements of logical tags.

Judging by the impact NCSA Mosaic had on the masses, I'd say
Netscape with its presentation-oriented HTML will seriously
direct HTML towards becoming a typesetting language. That's what
the commercial vendors need - fancy layout - and that's what Marc
& Co. are going to give them.

The problem is: we now have two very different views, and
implementations, of what should become of HTML, but they all call
it HTML! Why not give up unifying them now? I guess the problem
will be: who's going to back down (though there's no doubt who I
sympathize with :-)

I really like Netscape as a browser, but its HTML makes me really
scared. :)


Bjoern Stabell <>