Re: Netscape & New HTML

Brian Behlendorf (
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 12:09:04 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 20 Oct 1994 wrote:
> The following are much better:
> <p>Some text
> </p>
> <p align=center>Some centered text</p>
> <p>some more regular text
> </p>
> or,
> <h1 align=center>This is a H1 heading</h1>
> I presume one would also write
> <p font=10pt Helvetica with 2 pt leading>Some text</p>
> I'm glad HTML will express only the logical structure of a document,
> and not be a formatting language. If HTML were a formatting language,
> it would have to include all those nasty features that are needed to
> format real documents, and people might start asking embarrassing
> questions--like why invent a new formatting language when perfectly
> adequate ones already exist?

Ugh. Much preferable:

<p id="1">Some Text</p>

and in the associating style sheet

p[1]: center, 10pt helvetica, red, blinking

(my syntax is probably off from the proposals, but you get the idea)

<p align=center> should be for those who aren't using formatting enough in
the rest of the document to necessitate associating a whole style sheet. The
id wouldn't have to be unique (I don't see anything in the 3.0 spec about it
being unique, at any rate).

Brian "We really want style sheets!"