HTML and OS/2

Tue, 27 Sep 1994 9:56:38 -0400 (EDT)

I have been doing html markup with a commercial product for Windows,
but would much prefer doing it under OS/2. I am ill-informed and need
some general guidance on how to achieve this.

I understand there are one or two SGML editors that are native to OS/2.
Has anyone any knowledge of them in terms of their performance? I suspect
they may be prohibitively expensive (I must pay for things out of pocket),
and so naturally wonder if there might not be shareware or less expensive
products for OS/2 in the works.

Another possibiity, I gather, is to add a tagging utility on top of an
existing word processor. I run DeScribe, which apparently is an ideal
environment for marking up documents, but I have no idea how to achieve
this short of writing my own utility. Oxford University Press has just
begun to carry a DOS tagger produced in the UK, but the OUP folk here
know nothing about it. Anyone have any idea whether a DOS tagger would
sit comfortably on top of a native OS/2 word processor?

Haines Brown
CIS: 70302.2206
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