Torgeir Veimo (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 21:43:29 +0200

> It will delay us by the time needed to hack up a TeX-based system,
> which should be a few months, not a few years. Since I estimate that
> it will take at least 3 years to implement the system we want, this
> will increase the time from about 3 years to perhaps 3.5 years.

Are you saying that a TeX widget could be developed from the current TeX
source code? As I understand it, this would not be too easy, but not _that_
hard either, as long one does not try to implement it as an editable widget.

I assume that a in-memory format a bit more structurized than dvi could be
used, in much the same way as the html widget in the Mosaic distribution does
make use of a formatted element list.

It would be much harder to have an editable TeX source, much harder than a
structured text source such the one I'm working on.

If anyone could forward me to a introduction/reference document available
online I would appreciate it very much.

Torgeir @