Re: Lists and 2.0

Torgeir Veimo (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 17:02:37 +0200

> Maybe we should have a <tab>..</tab> or <indent> ... </indent>
> tag? The broswer could implement each intance as an indentation of
> pre-defined amount of space. The broswer should allow the user to
> change this value as well

This would make very many people happy, not to mention the poor web client
implementators that have to accept the fact that list tags are very often used
just for intendation.

<indent> should probably be recursive, but please avoid <tab> until their
behavior in different-width documents can be properly defined.

If stylesheets where to become available in the future, I would like to see
that individual paragraph definitions could be specified somewhat in the same
way they are in FrameMakers MML.

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