Lists and 2.0

Nick Galbreath (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 11:51:26 -0400

I finally got around to reading the HTML 2.0 draft.

A question/proposal...

For example it states for an unordered list that the opening tag
UL must be immediated followed by an LI. In addition it says that all
lists may be nested but a DL list is only allowed in the content
of LI **NOT** in UL.

So whay did I bring this up? I've seen half a dozen web sites do
the folowing as a way of indenting (at least on Mosaic it works)

<dt> balh blah
<dt> item 2

Accoring to 2.0 this is illegal and I can see why... one is using the
list item in a non-logical way.

Maybe we should have a <tab>..</tab> or <indent> ... </indent>
tag? The broswer could implement each intance as an indentation of
pre-defined amount of space. The broswer should allow the user to
change this value as well

Questions..... anyone..... anyone......
(Comments or ideas too!)