'current_URL' keyword in HTML

Andy Caldwell (acaldwel@nsc.nsc.com)
Mon, 22 Aug 94 10:52:15 -0700

I have been looking for this feature for a week+ and have gotten
nothing but the proverbial 'blank-stare' which leads me to believe
that it may not exist. However, it seems very do-able in HTML and
quite useful, so I think it must.
What I need is a keyword or something to include in URL's (mostly
as 'arguments' to CGI scripts) that refrences the current URL.
The browser (I'm using Mosaic) would replace the 'keyword' with
the current URL before making the request to the server.
Seems reasonable to me. Doesn't even sound that hard. Am I missing
something, or dies this actualy exist?
-andy acaldwel@nsc.nsc.com