Form tags??

Stan Newton (
Tue, 16 Aug 1994 10:07:35 -0400

I have a new assignment to develop authoring tools for HTML documents and
have been studying the July 94 draft of the HTML 2.0 specification. This is
an excellent draft overall but I do several similar questions related to Forms.

The HTML DTD Reference (Level 2) states that FORM tags are allowed in FORM
tags (pg 6-6) while the documentation clearly states that Forms cannot be
nested.(pg 2-25). The HTML DTD (pg 5-11 & 5-12) defines FORM as a member of
the %block-2 Entity which in turn is a member of the %body.content Entity.
The FORM Element defines FORM content as %body.content - FORM which would
indicate that it is meant to be excluded.

Also, the HTML DTD Reference (Level 2) fails to state that INPUT, SELECT and
TEXTAREA tags are allowed in FORM tags (pg 6-6) and for each of these tags
fails to indicate that they are allowed inside FORM tags (pgs 6-10, 6-13 &
6-14). The HTML DTD (pg 5-12) definition of the FORM Element appears to
indicate that these tags are allowed within the FORM. In fact, these tags
are specific to Forms and are not allowed anywhere else.

Note that the OPTION tag and SELECT tag appear to be defined correctly in
terms of each other.

Could you please either confirm that the HTML DTD Reference is in error as
described above or set me straight? It would appear that FORM tags are NOT
allowed in FORM tags and INPUT, SELECT and TEXTAREA tags are allowed within
FORM tags and ONLY within FORM tags.
Stan Newton
Newton Computing Solutions