Re: inline images on same line?

Greg Bossert (
Thu, 11 Aug 94 23:46:46 EDT

> Can someone tell me how to tag two small inline images so that
> they appear side to side on the same line instead of one above
> the other?
> [...]
> Brian Mansfield

Most browsers, including Mosiac for *, 'wrap' inline images along with
text. If the sum width of the two small inline images in question is
less than the page width, they will sit side by side.

My understanding of HTML Level 2 is that there is no way of specifying
an absolute page width in pixels. A preformatted element can have a
width in characters, but obviously the size of the font and thus the
pixel width is variable with the broswer.

A simple if inelegant solution is to include an inline image as wide
or wider than the sum width of the other images: this should force the
required page width. I often use a long skinny logo at the top of the

One anticipates that table and figure elements will provide more
flexible solutions in future version of HTML.

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