Questions on elements/Diffs from old HTML DTD.

Earl Hood (
Wed, 27 Jul 94 14:09:25 CDT

What is the reasoning for allowing header elements inside a BLOCKQUOTE

I've also noticed that the COMPACT attribute for UL/OL elements are
still gone from earlier version of HTML. Is it a conscience decision
to remove the attribute? The DL element has it, so I find it odd that
the other list types should not.

It would be nice that there existed some sort of "diff" between the
newer versions of the HTML DTD from the older versions. Here is the
list I have from the changes from the old HTML DTD of Jul 1 93, and the
latest HTML DTD from

New elements/attributes:
<dl compact>
<form action>
<form enctype>
<form method>
<img ismap>
<input align>
<input checked>
<input maxlength>
<input name>
<input size>
<input src>
<input type>
<input value>
<option selected>
<option value>
<select multiple>
<select name>
<select size>
<textarea cols>
<textarea name>
<textarea rows>

Old elements/attributes:
<dir compact>
<link name>
<menu compact>
<ol compact>
<ul compact>

A "diff" document will be good for users of HTML to easily determine
what elements/attributes are obsolete. Either that, or update the
"Obsolete" section of the html spec that _completely_ lists all changes
from the older version(s) of the DTD.

Probably a better distinction is "obsolete" vs "removed". Some elements
are labeled obsolete in the html spec, but are still defined in the
DTD. While some stuff has been completely removed from the DTD.


P.S. How does one subscribe to www-html? Is it an exclusive club, or
am I too dense to find the URL that explains how to subscribe? :) I'd
like to keep up-to-date as possible on HTML since I have programs that
deal with it.

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