Re: Browser differences within <PRE> tags...

Glenn Vanderburg (
Fri, 1 Jul 1994 09:54:42 -0500

> I am in the process of converting some documents, and have come across yet
> another inconsistency between platform web browsers. My question is, which
> way of interpretation is correct?
> Below is the HTML in question, note the <B> formatting within the <PRE> tags:
[rest deleted ...]

A friend recently encountered something like this. He was putting together
a form, and he wanted two lines to look like this:

Username: ______________
Id: ______________

Instead, it was coming out like this:

Username: ______________
Id: ______________

He finally solved the problem by enclosing the whole thing, <INPUT>
tags and all, inside a PRE element. I was astonished that this worked.
Predictably, it turned out that it worked with one browser (xmosaic) and
not with another (lynx).

The current HTML 3.0 DTD explicitly permits this, and the current HTML 2.0
DTD (which, I am aware, does not necessarily reflect reality) explicitly
prohibits it.

Glenn Vanderburg