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Could somebody help this guy out with his firewall problem?

In message <>, "Kamiyama Yoshiro" write
>Hello, this is Y.Kamiyama from IBM Japan.
>I'd like to get
>but I can't due to our firewall.
>So, are there any anonymous ftp site where I can get it?

>And tell me the relationship between your HTML document and
>HTML+ document(internet-draft), if you please.

"My" HTML document, the HTML 2.0 spec, is supposed to describe current
working practice with HTML. The HTML+ effort, led by Dave Raggett, is
supposed to add features to HTML to fix deficiencies etc.

>From :

HTML Spec: Publication History

In reverse chronological order:

1994 June: HTML 2.0 Spec Review; Dan Connolly and Tim Berners-Lee[2]
This is an effort to create a specification for use in
the near-term development of commercial
implementations of HTML. The plan is that it will be
published as an SGML Open Technical Report.

1994 April: HTML test suite; Dan Connolly[3]
The internet draft spec for HTML expired, and there
has been a lot of noise about a new spec. I've
collected a test suite of HTML documents and created a
DTD to parse them (with a few minor tweaks.)

Included are DTD for HTML[4] that reflects current practice, along with a
whole mess of HTML files I got from various places to
test it out[5]. This stuff has not been prepared for
distribution, but you can check out the Makefile[6]
for clues.

1993 November: HTML+ Discussion Document; Dave Raggett[7]
Dave Ragget is working on a successor to HTML called
HTML+. It is now supported by Bill Perry's w3 mode for
emacs and by tkWWW. My comments[8] on the HTML+ spec
are under development.

1993 July: <draft-ietf-iiir-html-01.txt[9], .ps> Berners-Lee and Connolly
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): A Representation
of Textual Information and MetaInformation for
Retrieval and Interchange

This internet draft (now expired) was "sponsored" by the Integration of
Internet Information Resources (IIIR) working group of the Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF).

It was submitted as a specification for a MIME content type called

1991 HyperText Mark-up Language; by Tim Berners-Lee [10] Tim Berners-Lee
originally drafted this as a somewhat informal reference on the HTML
elements. The document has been edited continuously since then, with
snapshots published through various means.

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