Re: Adding new tags (was: Redefining...)

Tim Berners-Lee (
Wed, 15 Jun 94 11:43:30 +0200


> From: Murray Maloney <>
> However, now it seems that Tim thinks that it
> will be possible for a document instance
> to "encounter a RENDER tag for an undeclared element".

No. Sorry, I was discussing it hypothetically. In fact I

*don't* think that HTML+ should deal with the question
of dynamically extending the DTD. HTML+ would *be* a DTD.
HTML+ is a communication standard. If you want a private
DTD which has a gioven mapping onto HTML+ (eg
<crazy> onto <em>) then do the mapping on the fly before transmission
if your peer accepts HTML+ but not yoru own DTD.

It is a separate question (from HTML+ design) as to whether to allow new
things to be defined on the fly. We can tease out usefully

- Definition of style sheets for new or old DTDs
to map DTDs onto presentation
- Extendable object-oriented systems

I am not convinced that persuing SGML declarations and architecural forms
will give us sufficient power to handle the general
extension of our system, and we should look at other things
(ez and andrew for example) to define something much more powerful.

But a style sheet task force would be useful, as it operates
in a much more well-defined way.