Re: Adding new tags (was: Redefining...)

Tim Berners-Lee (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 17:48:02 +0200

> | <render tag="COMMENT" style="i">
> | <render tag="FUNCTION" style="b,u">
> |
> | <pre><code>
> | <COMMENT>/* foo.c, written by me */</COMMENT>
> |
> | int <FUNCTION>main</FUNCTION>(int argc, char *argv[])

> Now the remaining question is: what will/should browsers do when they
> encounter a RENDER tag for an undeclared element? A good guess might
> be to simply assume the syntax is the same as for the EM tag.

So are we assuming full DTD parsing is mandatory for all HTML+
clients of 3.0+? If so, you are getting quite bogged down in SGML
and to think that the rebndering will be defined by simply the

EM attributes is simpliistic. To reall describe the rendering,
you have to cope with

"Rendered as a margin note within the larger of the left and
right margins, which should be extended for the whole
section to at least 2.5 cm if neecessary; boxed (grey 1mm bezelled)
with a little
icon for a man at work on the bottom corner, this paragraph
should have the same formatting as would have been applied
to a BLOCKQUOTE paragraph within one extra level of UL
nesting than where this element appears"

I exagerate but I have found style sheets need more power,
and it seems RENDER should hook into style sheet langauge.