Embedded "applets"

David C. Martin (dcmartin@library.ucsf.edu)
Wed, 08 Jun 1994 09:47:12 PDT

Just to create a new line of conversation, I am wondering what the
current thinking is on cooperative applications w/ HTML+ browsers. For
example, we currently have extended X Mosaic to support external
processes that communicate w/ Mosaic, sending images and updating
the page displayed.

However, for a complete implementation we would need to have less a
priori knowledge about the messages required to interact with the
external process, e.g. start, stop.

We are currently using a new element that has some attributes, but would
like to investigate using something analagous to IDL via a SGML DTD and
have the objects described both my their MIME type and the IDL-type
specification of the commands to expect when controlling the process.

Anyone else thinking along these lines?