Re: Color in HTML

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Tue, 7 Jun 1994 22:53:28 GMT wrote:

> <P>John ate the <NEW_TAG COLOR=RED>red</NEW_TAG> apple.
> While Jill played in the <NEW_TAG COLOR=GREEN>green</NEW_TAG> grass.

> Things where there can be:
> <STRONG COLOR=MAGENTA>Accessing this services costs $50.</STRONG>

Red? Which red?

Oh don't get me started about colour, or I will be insisting on specifying all
colours as ISO standard LAB values for device independence, and then where will
we be? ;-) ;-)

Besides, I want a tag to do a diagonal gradient fill from deep orange red
through peach to white on my H1.

#ifdef US-Citizen
This is dry humour, look at the smileys

Seriously, such things should be in the style sheets if they are ever adopted, I