Re: meta information

Nick Arnett/Multimedia Computing Corp. (
Thu, 2 Jun 1994 09:59:39 -0800

At 5:57 PM 6/2/94 +0200, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:

>>> No, and I'm not trying to. New elements can and will be added over time.
>>How??? It is not good enough to say that they will be added -- there needs
>>to be a specific mechanism defined whereby they can be added without breaking
>>existing implementations. We can't define a new content-type every time
>>we need a new element.
>As precedents, look at IMG, HR, BR.

Those aren't relevant examples, really. The problem is that someone might
want to start indexing or linking fizzbins that appear in documents. If
grasden, flitzbot and yabsnutz are each kinds of fizzbins, there needs to
be a mechanism to tag them as such, even though HTML knows nothing of
fizzbins. Unless you want to end up with tags for every possible type of
thing that might be indexed or linked, you need something along the lines
of META.

This is not in defense of a particular scheme, but for an architecture that
will allow semantic tagging.


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