Re: Style Sheets for HTML

Dave Raggett (
Tue, 31 May 94 12:19:15 BST

>> From: (Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund)

>> That is, an author would create both an HTML document and a link
>> to an attached style sheet. Rendering and style data would
>> be placed on this sheet.

Ehud Shapiro <> adds:

> I fully support this concept. One of the drawbacks publishers (I mean
> "real" publishers) see with WWW/HTML is their lack of ability to
> provide editorial guidnace for their publication. A style sheet is a
> step in the right direction.

> Can this concept be incorporated in HTML+ ?

Yes! I presented a architecture for combining HTML, Style sheets
and abstract layout models to the WWW'94 conference. The layout
models are for paged/pageless; graphical/text-only/voice-only clients.

The ID attributes in HTML+ allow style sheets to overide the default
behaviour based on the tag names. IF-THEN rules can be used to give
additional control. This leads to an object-oriented description of
style sheets.

Is anyone able to devote time to drawing up some detailed proposals?

Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

p.s. WWW'94 decided that henceforth HTML+ would become HTML 3.0 with HTML 2.0 covering the de facto standard given by Mosaic today. Dan Connolly and Tim Berners Lee are working on the 2.0 spec. I hope to publish specs for HTML 3.0 as soon as possible.

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