Re: Did I have the first contribution?

Paul Fink (
Tue, 14 Mar 95 08:54:23 -0600

I gave a talk about using WWW for courseware in the Spring of 1992
in the TMC men's room.

In reply to the message from Terje Norderhaug <>:

>I believe that I had the first contribution to any
>international conference when it comes to WWW used for courseware.
>The event was the Hypertext'93 conference, in November 1993.
>Anybody that knows about any earlier contribution to any
>conference - international or not - concerning the use of WWW
>for courseware?
>Also, was the project I presented the first to apply WWW for courseware?
>It was run during summer 1993 (July?) and regarded the use of
>WWW for teaching math on university level. The project was titled
>"MATHrix", and we developed an early version of a rich, SGML-based
>educational markup with the goal of doing one-source publishing
>of courseware with the web as one of the delivery media.
>Anyway, information about these are available from my homepage.
>Anybody that knows about other early work?
>-- Terje (