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R. P. C. Rodgers, M.D. (
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 19:12:10 +0500

Sounds like a great idea, go for it! You may also want to take a peek
at our fledgling on-line course outline, which has served as the basis of
several half-day tutorial courses on the internet and its uses.
Connect to HyperDOC, our WWW server, select "On-Line information Services,"
and locate the anchor for the courseware.

Cheerio, Rick Rodgers
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> Organization: BSU College of Business
> Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 16:18:36 MST
> Subject: WWW Courseware
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> The following is a request for ideas or participation related to an effort to
> teach a class which will use the World Wide Web and other Internet
> resources (about 80 lines):
> In the fall semester of 1994, I (Robert Minch) am planning to teach a
> course which will be highly reliant on the World Wide Web and the
> Internet. The topical area is business data
> communications/telecommunications technology and applications, and it
> will be offered through the College of Business at Boise State University,
> Boise, Idaho, USA. Three paper books will be used as reference:
> Keen/Cummings' Networks in Action, Rains/Palmer's Local Area
> Networking with Novell Software, and Armbruster's Internet Essentials.
> At present I anticipate the following:
> 1. A list server will be set up here at BSU for use by the students to
> discuss homework assignments, projects, questions that come up, etc.
> 2. All documentation of students' work will be prepared with HTML
> (hypertext mark-up language) and put up on an existing machine with an
> HTTP (hypertext transport protocol) server so that anyone on the Internet
> can access student projects and other written work. This will also extend
> the DELTA (Distributed ELectronic Telecommunications Archive project
> already in place (point your Mosaic or other WWW client to
> to see the current version)
> with many kinds of links including everything from those between local
> student project materials to those pointing to various network and
> telecommunications-related resources anywhere on the Internet. The
> emphasis will be on a sort of constructive learning where student teams
> create their own tutorials and project reports on the WWW.
> 3. Many of the class materials (e.g., the syllabus) also will be prepared
> with HTML & made available over the WWW. Also, lecture slides will
> probably be prepared using PowerPoint, & will be conveniently viewable
> by anyone who uses the PowerPoint run-time viewer (freely available) as
> a viewer under Mosaic or other compatible WWW client. This capability
> is already demonstrated in DELTA.
> 4. We will be investigating various tools for collaborative writing, group
> knowledge management, etc.--probably with a bias toward tools that
> operate over the Internet rather than just over a LAN.
> For the next step I am soliciting ideas from anyone and participation from
> other groups such as similar classes at other universities. Replies may
> be posted to the list where this appears, or may be e-mailed directly to
> me at Responses I am looking for include:
> 1. Does anyone have salient experience with the techniques I plan to
> use, and wish to share some do's and don'ts?
> 2. Would anyone like to establish one or more "sister classes," which
> might involve innovative experiments such as group projects where
> members of a group are at different universities?
> 3. Is anyone familiar with additional technologies which might be
> appropriate and helpful?
> 4. Are there any other suggestions for how to promote student learning
> and a successful class experience in a context such as this?
> 5. Are there any other similar efforts going on which I should know about
> (I'm somewhat familiar with the Globewide Network Academy already)?
> Thanks in advance! Notes: this message is being cross-posted to these
> lists: CIS-L (computer information systems), GSS-L (group support
> systems), NetEd-L (network education), WWW-courseware (world wide
> web courseware), and COMP-BSU (a local list at Boise State University).
> Also, I will be unreachable by e-mail from about August 15 to August 21,
> but will read replies & respond as soon as possible afterward.
> Robert P. Minch, Professor, College of Business
> Boise State University Boise, ID 83725
> Ph. 208-385-3491 Sec. 208-385-1181, Fax 208-385-3779