ABOUT - GNA Web User Group discussion list

Marcus Speh (marcus@x4u2.desy.de)
Mon, 4 Jul 1994 16:26:05 GMT

Dear Web-footed Friends,

below is the announcement for the maillist for discussions
specific to the Globewide Academy Network [GNA] Web, a campus-wide
information system which actually comprises (almost) the whole campus
itself, since GNA is a purely virtual university. The state and
maintenance of the GNA Web is critical for the success of GNA as a
network enterprise, and we invite every interested user to help us
restructuring it - foremost by telling us

- what you had expected to see (but couldnt find) on our campus
- what you think how we could improve on what we have

(or even simply why you like what you see there :-)

This group is meant as a GNA-specific extension to the working group(s)
formed at the WWW conference workshop "Teaching & Learning with WWW",
since a lot of GNA Web activities is not only about education, but virtual
management of a fairly big globewide organization. GNA hopes to be
the first place though to integrate the excellent work done on the Web
in its prototype courses.

The maillist archives are at URL



================ send to gna-web-talk, gna-talk

There is a new hypertextified maillist from the GNA Web Users Group [WUG]
now, which you may subscribe to if you want to be part of the
reorganization of the GNA Web tree.
To subscribe, send Email to listproc@gna-lists.unam.mx with the
only line
SUBSCRIBE gna-web-talk <your name>
in it.
If you only want to get something on the GNA web, send the document
you want added to the Web with a note about where you want to put
the document to gna-web-request@uu-gna.mit.edu
If you want to address the main GNA webmasters directly to point
out a flaw or comment on something which doesnt require discussion,
you have the option to send mail to gna-webmasters@tsun.desy.de

Within this week, minutes from the first meeting of the WUG will be
posted. A provisional Web page is at URL


(under construction) with links to transcripts and WWW archives
(in the future).

The list is fully HTML-ized: it is suggested that you try to
choose meaningful 'Subject:' headerlines when posting to this list,
since this will make WWW-archivation much more useful. Examples:

Subject: ABOUT - <something about the list itself>
Subject: ACCESS - <something about access methods/problems>
Subject: SERVER - <httpd discussion>
Subject: ANNOUNCE - <to announce>
Subject: HTML - <hypertext style discussions,page layout>


Thanks a lot to Diego Zamboni and Mike Pitt (GNA Mailing Group) for helping
to get this list started!


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