ABOUT - Geneva Workshop will use www-courseware

Marcus Speh (marcus@x4u2.desy.de)
Tue, 31 May 1994 12:47:14 GMT

Dear friends,

At the Workshop "Teaching & Learning with WWW", the participants
agreed to form three main working groups, which will use www-courseware at EIT
to discuss and provide

ACCESS - material for students and teachers to get started teaching
with the Web
SERVERS - material on how to run servers and other tech stuff
HTML - material on how to write 'good' HTML pages for teaching

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above as the first word of the "Subject:" line of your message, to
make sensible archive access easier.]

Everyone is encouraged to join us in preparation of these materials
helpful to teachers and students. Actual work is unlikely to begin
before July. For the time being, the WS organizers will coordinate these

For more details and to obtain many interesting contributions from the
participants, please attach to


(paragraphs will readily be added to this page as the organizers
evaluate the workshop discussions which also may take us a while).

Thanks to Kevin for letting us use his list and WWW archives.
When the WS summaries are ready, we shall also announce the existence
of these working groups on www-talk and related lists and newsgroups,
hopefully acquiring more 'critical mass'.

See you there,

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