Business school telecomm courseware

Robert Minch (
Tue, 15 Mar 1994 16:45:48 MST

In an effort to help those who teach and learn about
telecommunications and data communications in university business
schools, I've put together a crude prototype for a project
tentatively called the Distributed ELectronic Telecommunications
Archive (DELTA). Version alpha 0.01 is now available--to access it,
use this Mosaic/WWW URL:

The prototype shows how a number of resources may be shared over
the Internet using the WWW and Mosaic, and so far
includes examples of and/or links to:

1. sharing presentation materials such as PowerPoint slides
2. linking to telecomm-related USENET groups
3. courseware such as Chris Johnson's Open Systems course
4. materials from a telecommunications research center
5. information sources for WWW and Mosaic
6. a computer-based training question & answer sharing system

I'm a relative newbie to Mosaic & the WWW, but am excited about the
possibilities. Please feel free to test drive the prototype & send me
any comments, ideas, additions, new links, or any other suggestions.

Robert P. Minch, Associate Professor, College of Business
Boise State University Boise, ID 83725
Ph. 208-385-3491 Sec. 208-385-1181, Fax 208-385-3779