Re: Sample Courseware

Neal Holtz (
Fri, 11 Mar 94 12:53:11 EST

simpson richard writes:
> I would appreciate your suggestions on your favorite www instructional
> module which I could use as a class demonstration. It would be best if
> it used traditional CBT techniques such as presenting material and then
> asking the student a question and providing feedback on his response.

The following can't be described as a favorite. It is very
incomplete, but at least demonstrates a couple of semi-interesting
things (outline processing and tutorial question-and-answer). Its a
bare start of an engineering course I'm starting to build ip -- it will
be improved a lot (in content) over the next couple of weeks (I hope).

For an example, see:

For more complete documentation on the details of the tutorial
question-and-answer, see:

For the technical minded, there are three non-standard things here:

1. my server has been extended to use the file extension as
a server-script identifier -- absolutely essential for this.

2. one server-script does outline processing. Clicking certain
links reveals more info.

3. another server-script (gateway) handles tutorial-style question
and answers (with hints, responses, etc).

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