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Marcus Speh (
Sun, 6 Mar 94 17:05:11 +0100

>>>>> "joe" == joe <joe@MIT.EDU> writes:

joe> Hi. I've started putting together a text for the internet class
joe> on

joe> Comments and criticisms welcome.

joe> If it's possible I'd like for you to being office hours next week
joe> starting on Monday. I'll "create" the MOO classroom for the
joe> course over the weekend and by Monday, instructions for reaching
joe> the class should be in the course notes. I expect that there
joe> won't be too many customers so don't be surprised if no one shows
joe> up to your office hours.

joe> Also, if you both can send me times during which you will be
joe> available on the MOO, I'll add it to the consultant's schedule.

joe> Thanks for volunteering.

The Internet course by Joseph Wang is only one of the GNA prototype
courses which will be offered.
WWW support is planned for all. If you wish, check out

(go to "Course Catalog" at the end of this page, e.g.)
An own working group of GNA is currently designing an GNA Internet
curriculum document. A draft is at

It may be desirable to enlarge the percentage of WWW-related
information in this document.

Btw, anybody else interested in organizing/proposing a panel on
WWW and distance education for the 1st international WWW conference at CERN?
I had originally wanted to do it but have no time now. It would be
fine if someone is interested enough to put up some proposal at least.
All the links are in:

The organizer to be contacted is Oscar Nierstrasz <>.

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