A Few More Grams

Ken Tompkins (ken@odin.stockton.edu)
Tue, 14 Dec 93 14:27:32 -0500

Scott Fritchie's HyperCard HTML editor sounds fine; if, however,
you work under DOS you might want to take a look at a ToolBook
HTML editor that has the potential of being a very powerful tool.

It is located at info.curtin.edu.au in


Basically, it is a toolbook application with the runtime ToolBook
program included. You load a text into the application, select (cover)
the text you want to apply a tag to, click on the appropriate button
and the tag is written to the text. The author, in a list of things
he wants to do, suggests adding the capability of seeing the tagged
text as if it was on line. ToolBook code is not all that complex and
much could be added to what has already been done to make it truly

Perhaps, members of this group might want to suggest to the author
(his name is not in front of me) a more collaborative effort to add
those features which would make it really powerful.

Ken Tompkins
Stockton State College