Support Needs

Project Support Needs

To date the Project has primarily relied on seed funding from Arcady Press. We are now in the process of assembling a Board of Directors to incorporate as a non-profit corporation, and are seeking support in the form of donations, equipment, and services from appropriate companies and institutions, as well as time from professionals, interns, or other individuals with appropriate skills.

University Hotel in Champaign, Illinois, where
Jim Clark first met the core Netscape team.

Our most pressing needs are:

Digital video equipment and accessories
We are in need of high-end digital video cameras and field equipment so we can improve the quality of our archival footage.

High-speed document scanning and OCR services
We are seeking services and/or funds to purchase equipment.

High-speed image scanning services
We are seeking services and/or funds to purchase equipment in this area. We need the cpability to capture images from negatives and slides and output the result to either a file or Photo CD format in resolutions from 300 to 2700 dpi.

Storage devices
We are seeking funds or donations of equipment. In particular we need large hard drives (120 GB and more, ideally RAID arrays) and appropriate backup equipment for our PC-based UNIX server. We also need a CD-ROM burner for storage of archival material.

A full-time digital librarian/researcher
We are seeking funds or contribution of skilled time. This person is needed to help maintain and refine content within our archives, enter and categorize materials as they are received, and research and evaluate potential new materials.

Funding to pay internship stipends
Funding is needed to provide stipends to Project volunteers.

Internships and Volunteer Positions

The World Wide Web History Project is currently seeking interns or volunteers with skills in the following areas. Depending on future funding, these roles may lead to paying positions. For interns, we will cooperate fully with their academic institutions to help obtain course credit. Work can be done in the locations where the Project has bases (San Francisco, Boston, Geneva), or in some cases remotely over the Web.

Journalism/Public Relations
To help write and edit miscellaneous articles and press releases to do with the Project and Web history. Requires excellent layperson's knowledge of the Web. Shared byline, percentage of payment for articles where appropriate.

Library Science/Archiving/History
To sort, classify, scan, and post source materials, coordinate with archivists at cooperating libraries and institutions. Web experience helpful.

To coordinate and solicit advertising for the Project's site and related sites. Requires good general knowledge of the Web; potential for payment if successful.

Programming and Legacy Systems
For general duties evaluating historic software, getting it to run, coordinating with authors and emulator writers. Web experience helpful.

To raise funds for the Project; potential for payment if successful.

If you are able to provide assistance in any of these areas, please contact us! We will be happy to discuss advertising, logo placement, and other sponsor visibility issues.