Project Members

Members of the project include:

Marc Weber
Principal Author

Marc Weber was the first person to systematically research the Web's origins, starting in 1995. His early investigations into the politics surrounding the Web at its birthplace have gradually developed into Genesis and the World Wide Web History Project. Later in 1995, Mr. Weber served as Executive Editor of The Telecom Observer, sponsored by a key member of the original Web development team. This publication pioneered "webcasting" (simultaneous publishing in multiple media) in cooperation with a number of major media partners including The Economist Group, Advertising Age, and Le Monde. In 1997 he and Kevin Hughes organized the first-ever Web History events, at the 6th International Web Conference. Mr. Weber is an award-winning journalist and technology writer, and co-founder of Arcady Press. He has been writing and consulting on technology topics for over twelve years, the first seven in Silicon Valley. He has been the author or editor of four how-to guides for computer consultants. Marc holds a BA in Creative Writing (with Honors), and a BA in Neurobiology from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Kevin Hughes
Contributing Author
Digital Librarian

Kevin Hughes wrote the first two books to include any Web history, Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace and its sequel, From Webspace to Cyberspace, both published on the Web and influential in the pioneering Web community. As a Web designer he established many of the conventions we now take for granted with his sites for Honolulu Community College (the "Hawaii site"), the Internet Shopping Network, and later CommerceNet. Along with Tim Berners-Lee, he is one of the six members of the World Wide Web Hall of Fame. Mr. Hughes has witnessed or been a part of many seminal events in Web history, including the first five international Web conferences where he has won awards as a speaker. As a programmer of Web tools, he is best known for the C version of Hypermail and SWISH. Kevin is building Footsteps, the digital library that will allow people to browse and contribute to the project's collected events and media. Kevin attended UC Berkeley and then Honolulu Community College. Before achieving a degree he was offered a faculty position at the latter, based on his Web achievements.

Jenny Raggett
Contributing Author

Jenny Raggett is a freelance writer specializing in explaining science and technology at a layman's level. She is the principal author of the HTML 3: Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web as well as two more recent books on HTML and related topics, and of an earlier book Artificial Intelligence From A to Z. Her husband Dave is a lead architect for HTML; through him and during the course of her work she has been actively observing and recording the many developments in the Web community over the past few years. Her interest and involvement in Web origins led her to record much history which couldn't be included in her HTML books, but will be a part of Genesis. Until recently she designed and edited material for the Web site of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Jenny studied to be a biochemist at London University holds a Certification to teach physics and chemistry from Oxford University.